Tuesday, May 24, 2016
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Acme Pool is now open!  For information call 403-546-3017.

There is a new Garbage Policy was passed on March 14, 2016 for the Village. The number of bags allowed on garbage day is now 4 bags, and no heavier than 40 pounds. This is effective immediately. If you have any questions, please contact the Village Office.

Village of Acme Residents:

On October 21st, 2013, the residents of the Village of Acme elected their five Council members for a four-year term and since that election, the Acme Council has been under constant attack by a very small group of dissatisfied residents. These dissatisfied residents have challenged the election and lost that challenge in court. Also they have filed petition(s) on how your elected Village Council is conducting the business of the Village. As of December 31, 2015, the legal bills for these actions have cost you, me and the rest of the Village of Acme residents $29,976.00 dollars which works out to be approximately 3% of the Village’s annual budget. There is only one source of revenue for these costs, our taxes.

In September of 2014 after another petition was filed to the Minister of Municipal Affairs, said a preliminary review was ordered and in January of 2015 Municipal affairs staff conducted this review. There were a number of items that were identified that required action. The Village Council took steps to immediately correct any mistakes and to implement a number of recommendations and resolutions to comply with the report. On February 25, 2015, the Minister of Municipal affairs sent the Village of Acme a letter stating: “I am very pleased to see the proactive steps Council has made to move forward, and I commend you on your commitment to the betterment of your community”. 

On June 19, 2015, the next Minister of Municipal affairs, Deron Bilous, appointed Civic Solutions to conduct an inspection of the management, administration and operation of the Village of Acme. Civic Solutions conducted this inspection over the next eight months, interviewing Council members, Village staff, and members of the public and the authors of the petition. The Civic Solutions written report was presented to the Minister and the results of that inspection was released to the public and to the Village of Acme Council members on January 28, 2016 at a “Public Meeting.” In that report and the cover letter from the Minister, there were seventeen items that were identified by the Minister that needed to be addressed. The timelines for a report back to the Minister was established at 45 days, which the Village Administration complied with by outlining clearly what had been completed, what would be completed in the short term and what will be completed over the next number of months.

It must be pointed out that over 60% of the items identified in the report had already been completed by the Village Council and the remainder would be completed within the next eight weeks.

The latest Action against the Village of Acme 

At approximately 3:35 p.m. on March 23, 2016, Leona DeKoter served the Village of Acme with papers for a Court Injunction against the Village of Acme to stop development of the lots on Prospect Ave. The courts ordered that the parties must appear in court to a Justice in Chamber, at the court facilities in Calgary on March 29, 2016.

Administration contacted the Village of Acme legal counsel who agreed to represent the Village on March 29, 2016 in Calgary. At the hearing the application was adjourned until April 26th but in the interim, the Village can proceed with the tendering process, including awarding the contract but NOT the work. No work will be performed on the Prospect property until after the next hearing date on April 26, 2016.

The Village of Acme received a letter from the Minister of Municipal Affairs on April 13, 2016, which is posted on the Village website. To summarize, the Minister states: “Based on your constructive response and the actions you have already taken, I will not be issuing directives in connection with the inspections.”  In Ms. DeKoter’s application to the courts she asked, Remedy sought: an order in the nature of a Quia Timet / Prohibitory injunction prohibiting the Village of Acme from proceeding with any further actions to develop the Tire Park property or tendering process until such time as the Minister of Municipal Affairs responds to the report of Council on this matter. Plus she asked for costs.

The Village’s legal counsel informed Ms. DeKoter that the letter from the Minister had been received by the Village and that letter was shared with Ms. DeKoter. Even though the Minister’s letter was clear, Ms. DeKoter refused to withdraw her injunction and stated that she wished to proceed with the hearing date on April 26, 2016.

The Village’s legal counsel appeared in court in Calgary on April 26, 2016 on the Village’s behalf. After hearing the submissions, the judge suggested that the application be withdrawn, and it was. Our lawyer asked for costs on behalf of the Village, however the court was not prepared to grant them.

With this ruling the Village of Acme was vindicated again and must again pay the costs of these actions by Ms. DeKoter and others within the Village of Acme.

The Village of Acme does not know what the final legal costs will be for our legal counsel to attend court in Calgary twice, to travel to Acme to interview all the signatures to the injunction and the preparation time for this case. But, we believe that the cost will more than $15,000.00 dollars. This legal bill will be paid by “ALL OF US” through our taxes, is this “RIGHT?”

Council encourages any resident with questions to contact the Chief Administrative Officer for any administrative or process issues and the Mayor or any Councillor regarding political issues. Council recognizes and values community input, and that not every resident will agree with every decision. All opinions are respected and are a part of what makes our democratic process work. Our request is that opinions be based on facts.

This is your Village and we would encourage you to stand up for it.

On behalf of the Village of Acme Council

W. Bruce McLeod, Mayor

Village of Acme Residents Report (88 KB)

 THE FIRE BAN HAS BEEN LIFTED IN THE VILLAGE OF ACME.  Please ensure that when you do have a fire in a fire pit, that you do not leave it unattended, please make sure that you extinguish the fire completely when you are finished.

The RUBBLE BINS will be back at the Transfer Site, Saturday, May 3rd.   The Rubble Bins will be here for the month of May, and they are for the residents of the Village only!


Metal Bin 

No appliances: Linden takes appliances at no charge.

Remove any fabrics, plastics off the metal.  Place metal in metal bin, plastics & fabrics in the rubble bin.

Allowed - BBQs, bikes, hot water tanks. 


Rubble Bins

No appliances, construction material, lumber, plaster, drywall, concrete and shingles.

No electronics: microwaves or televisions.

Allowed:  Household clean up (example: mattress, carpet, furniture, plastics)

Acme Campground News

Campground Attendants – Danny & Shannon (403) 352-0291

 Attendants are now taking bookings for the 2016 Season.


Please ensure that all garbage bags are tied shut as well as lids put on garbage containers.  There are some ‘critters’ (crows, cats and skunks) that are getting into garbage causing a mess in back alleys and on lawns.  Please try and be vigilant in keeping garbage in covered containers.